When using remote desktop connection to connect to a server I recently encountered the “Because of a protocol error detected at the client (code 0x1104), this session will be disconnected.  Please try connecting to the remote computer again.” error. 

The error was encountered after:

  • I had just logged into the the server the night before with no issues. 
  • Able to login to another server and tried to roundtrip to server in question from another server.  Still the same error persisted.
  • Rebooting of my machine did not change the errors.

How to fix:

RDPIn your RDP connection window, expand options if they are already not expanded and then select the Experience tab.  Unselect the Themes checkbox (Prior to Windows 7) or Visual Styles checkbox in Windows 7. 

Try logging in again.  The issue should be cleared.

Note: After one login, I was able to click Visual styles and login normal again.