When trying to install iTunes (for iPhone or iPod) on Windows 7 (possible XP and Vista as well) several of the components install but you eventually get a message similar to one below:

  1. “Apple mobile device service failed to start.”
  2. “Windows could not start the Apple Mobile Device service on local computer, error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly”


  1. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software.  In my case I was using Windows Microsoft Security Essentials.  To disable Windows Essentials temporarily – see the screen shot below.
    Click the options tab in Microsoft Security Essentials then disable real-time protection
  2. Temporarily disable your anti-spyware software.  In my case I was using Windows Defender that is pre-installed on Windows 7.  To disable Windows Defender temporarily – see the two screen shots below.
    Click tools then options to get to the settings to disable Windows Defender.
    Click the checkbox to disable Windows Defender.
  3. Try reinstalling iTunes.  This time the Apple mobile device support software should install.  If it does not you may have to “unpack” the installers in the setup using something like 7Zip and install AppleMobileDeviceSupport by itself.
  4. If you’ve successfully installed iTunes make sure to re-enable your security software in steps 5 and 6.
  5. Re-enable you anti-spyware software.  In my case Windows Defender following the steps above, this time checking the box to enable real-time protection.
  6. Re-enable you anti-virus software.  In my case Microsoft Security Essentials following the steps above, this time checking the box to enable real-time protection.


Recently I had to resintall Windows on my desktop.  While installing all my apps I had encountered a more stubborn that usual time getting an application to install.  Apparently I was not alone in having iTunes install, in this case for my iPhone.  Everywhere I searched seemed to turn up dead ends until I found a path that worked for me.  Hopefully this helps others too.  If it does please leave a comment.

It appears that the mobile device support is getting blocked by either your anti-virus or anti-spyware software.